Waterfall Pumps

Lake Aerators & Subsurface Systems

Innovative waterfall pumps and water feature pumps using the very latest in submersible technology

Our range of outdoor waterfall and water feature pump kits use the same reliable submersible technology that we use for our very successful fountain and aerator pumps. All our systems can be built using your choice of mount, for use in wet wells, on solid pads, on sledges for pond bottoms, or even in the popular “pond-less” design. They all include a flexible discharge hose with check valve, electrical quick disconnect and a control panel.

Sledge style waterfall pumps waterfall traveling through a garden

  • Can utilise any of the four ACI waterfall pump lines: Angel, Niagara, Niagara 2 or Yosemite
  • Allows pump to sit lightly on the pond bottom
  • A flexible hose connects to the pipe at the pond shore
  • No expensive wet well required
  • Sledge-style pumps (excluding Yosemite) are approximately 914mm H x 1066mm W x 1524mm L and can be installed in a minimum 1220mm water level.

Horizontal & vertical styles 

  • waterfall pump horizontal fixed unit assemblyCan utilise any of the four ACI waterfall pump lines: Angel, Niagara, Niagara 2 or Yosemite
  • Can be used installed on a solid pad, in a wet well, or “pond-less” design
  • Optional connection and flexible hose for ease of installation
  • Horizontal dimensions (excluding Yosemite) are approximate 610mm H x 610mm W x 1829mm L including a check valve
  • Vertical pump dimensions (excluding Yosemite) are approximately 1829mm H x 914mm W x 914mm L including a check valve

Waterfall pump accessorieswaterfall pump vertical fixed unit assembly

  • Low resistance, non-spring check valve design to prevent back-flow
    • *Available in 100mm, 150mm and 200mm
    • *Your choice of solvent fit connection, flange mount or quick disconnects
  • UV resistant flex hose, reinforced for pressure and durability
  • Lighting options available
  • Easy clean, high strength, composite suction screen
  • Electrical quick disconnect
  • Control panel
  • 3-year parts warranty (non-wear part)
  • 3-year return to base labour warranty


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