Photocell lighting set-up for fountains

lake fountain lit with lighting

Light your fountain to make it even more beautiful 24/7

Photocell lighting set-up for  your fountain can transform an already beautiful water feature into something truly magical, which is why we like to encourage our clients to think about these added extras when planning their stunning fountain designs. Our team will always provide the best fountain lighting components and service and ensure everything is correctly installed for the best possible efficiency and functionality down to the very last detail, including  photocell placement.

Full control of your photocell lighting

Photocells are used to control lighting systems on fountains, automatically illuminating the fountain and water feature when night falls. However correct positioning is key to ensuring full functionality. For photocells to perform efficiently they must not be placed in shaded areas. The ideal position for any photocell would be north facing, away from direct sunlight and not under shelter. After nightfall a photocell should not face any artificial light sources as this will deceive the photocell prompting the component to switch the light fixture off.

In a recent project, a client incorrectly positioned the fountain lighting photocell themselves. The shaded positioning the client selected meant the photocell registered night time all the time. Their lighting feature turned on during the day, but not at night when needed. A simple re-positioning by our team solved this issue for the client and the photocell fountain lighting is now running with great efficiency.

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