Photocell Placement

Water Fountain - Underwater Lighting

What are photocells and why is photocell placement important?

The correct fountain lighting can turn any beautiful water fountain into something truly spectacular. Photocells are used for controlling lighting systems, automatically illuminating the feature when night falls. However, they will not work efficiently if incorrectly placed so photocell placement is very important. In order for a photocell to be efficient they must not be placed in shaded or sheltered areas. The ideal position for any photocell would be north facing, away from direct sunlight and unshaded. After nightfall a photocell should not face any artificial light sources.

Make sure you position photocells correctly 

Heathland Groups dedicated fountain department recently came across a situation where a client had incorrectly positioned the photo cell for his lake fountain lighting. Due to this incorrect positioning the lake fountain lighting was on continuously. A simply repositioning by our team solved this problem for the client.

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