Hydrographic and Bathymetric Surveys

The two most common forms of Hydrographic Surveys are; Multi-beam imaging for locating sunken boats, hidden features or just for general waterway mapping and Single-Beam dual-frequency surveys used for quantifying water to silt/sediment levels within a waterbody.

Waterbodies all around the UK can, over time, become shallower and eventually dry out due to the build-up of silt and sediment on the bed of the Waterbody. Silt is formed due to debris building up within the waterbody, for instance; leaves, fallen trees, decayed aquatic plant life and fish and animal waste as well as all other forms of pollution. As this build-up increases it may become necessary to remove the unwanted silt. This would mean a Hydrographic Survey would be required to calculate the amount of silt that needs to be removed.

At Heathland Group we have a range of dedicated departments offering various services. Heathland Surveys is one of these departments. Heathland Surveys uses the most innovative technology on today’s market to perform Bathymetric and Hydrographic Surveys. We offer both multibeam imaging surveys and Single-Beam Dual Frequency Surveys.

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