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Hydrographic and Bathymetric Surveys

The two most common forms of Hydrographic Surveys are; Multi-beam imaging for locating sunken boats, hidden features or just for general waterway mapping and Single-Beam dual frequency surveys used for quantifying water to silt/sediment levels within a waterbody. Waterbodies all around the UK can, over time, become shallower and eventually dry out due to the…
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Photocell Placement

The correct lighting can turn any beautiful water fountain into something truly spectacular. Photocells are used for controlling lighting systems, automatically illuminating the feature when night falls. However, they will not work efficiently if incorrectly placed. In order for a photocell to be efficient they must not be placed in shaded, sheltered areas. The ideal…
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Water Fountains in Winter

Having a water fountain in winter isn’t simply aesthetically pleasing but beneficial to your waterbody. During winter months fountains help to support the health of the water body by keeping the surface water moving. This can help stop freezing and allows oxygen to be dissolved into the waterbody. When a waterbody freezes it can lead…
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Why Should You Aerate Your Waterbody?

Aeration is important in any waterbody in order to keep a healthy ecological balance. Aeration is the infusion of oxygen into the water. The Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels within any waterbody are constantly affected by: diffusion and aeration photosynthesis respiration decomposition temperature salinity pressure changes Having a healthy DO level within your waterbody is important…
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