Aquatic Treatments

Aquatic treatments to improve the ecology of your water body

At Heathland Group we have a range of aquatic treatments available to help improve the ecology of your pond, lake, reservoir, or fishery. These include pond dyes, blanket weed treatments, chalk treatments, and the predator line of biological products. We offer these products throughout the united kingdom for supply only and professional application.

The predator line of biological products

These products are non-toxic microbial and bacterial blends that have been custom engineered for maximum efficiency and select water temperatures. The predator line allows you to start treating your waterbody at a water temperature of 5°C, each product has a specified water range for use. The micronutrients, bio-stimulants and bacterial cultures in each blend are selected from their exponential activity levels at each temperature range.

The Predator line of aquatic treatments includes

  1. Glacial predator - for use in water temperatures ranging from 5°C to 17.8°
  2. Natural predator - for use in water temperatures ranging from 16°C to 25.5°
  3. Thermal predator - for use in water temperatures 25.5°C and above.

Blanketweed treatment

Blanketweed is a type of algae, scientifically called filamentous algae. It is also commonly referred to as string algae or silk algae. Blanketweed will either appear floating on top of or submerged within pond water as thick clumps of thick green strands.  Heathland Group offers a Blanketweed treatment to help eradicate this problem. We have had great outcomes with our treatment as shown below.

Chalk treatments

Chalk Treatments are used as a way of reducing organic silt and improving water quality in ponds lakes and waterways.

Key features and benefits of chalk treatments

  • Increases biodiversity within a water body
  • Increases oxygenation and stimulates aerobic micro-organisms.
  • Reduces harmful gases produced by silt on the waterbed.
  • Decreases organic and oxidizable matter which creates a reduction in silt levels.
  • Counteracts acidity in the water and silt.
  • Provides essential calcium for plants and wildlife.

Pond dyes

Pond Dyes are a safe non-toxic solution to algae control. The pond dyes available from Heathland Group work to control algae by filtering the sunlight therefore disrupting the natural process of photosynthesis. This results in any submerged algae or weed being unable to grow and spread. These dyes are manufactured using the highest quality colours and are rigorously tested to EU food additive standards meaning they are safe to humans, animals, fish, amphibians and insects.